By: Kranthi    kranthi

Although I am more often working with clients on talent attraction and acquisition Strategies, I am often asked by friends and family for help when they are in a job Search. I start by talking to them about what they want in a role, company, and Career. Often, I am able to provide some useful feedback on resumes or help them Prepare for the big interview they are nervous about. This is one of the reasons I Started a career in recruiting and I genuinely enjoy helping people through these potentially life changing steps, but also dread what tends to follow.

Invariably, I end up finding myself defending companies I have never worked with and sometimes fundamentally the recruiting industry that I have dedicated my own career to. How can I explain to my neighbor why a company would simply never reply to an application that took an hour and a half to complete? Try to defend a company that brought my cousin into a four-hour interviewing event only to give him 10 minutes with a hiring manager that was clearly distracted and unhappy about being there? Convince a happily employed friend why they should probably still interview for a role when a recruiter that called her to apply will not talk about compensation possibilities.

The truth is there is no excuse for any of this. As recruiters, HR practitioners and talent acquisitions specialists, we all know that we must do better. We all want the best talent, and we all want the most market share from our customers, but most companies are simply not focused on the things that matter manners and common courtesy to the candidates that have expressed interest in investing their time, and potentially a portion of their career, with them. Although not altogether surprising, I do think that it is critical for each of us to be reminded that we were once a candidate for a job. In addition to information, we know through our latest Candidate Preferences Insights that candidates want to be acknowledged and treated well. The recruiting lifecycle is ripe with opportunities for the picking.


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