May 15, 2016

IT Support outsourcing: A great way to reduce your Operating Cost.

By: Warda Al Minji          As a small business owner, you are in a tough situation. You are competing with much larger businesses, but you have to do so with a significantly smaller budget. Because of this, you have two options: you either make do with the resources you have or you get creative. We recommend the latter. So how […]
May 13, 2016

Ways to be Productive on a Slow Work Day

By: Kishan Doodiya    Experiencing that “off season” period at work, or have some extra time on your hands? It may be the best time to catch up on productivity. Here are some tips to find work when you have a few slow hours, or days, on the job: Organize : Organizing your emails and network folders/documents will allow you to […]
May 12, 2016

5 Tips for Standout Customer Service

By: Mukhtar Hussain Shabbir      Your customers have high expectations. They want to feel confident they choose the right company for their needs, and you want to feel good about what you’re providing them. Here are 5 tips for providing standout customer service: Learn how to identify unique needs.Each of your customers is unique, so remember that when finding a solution […]
May 12, 2016

We Have All Been Candidates

By: Kranthi    Although I am more often working with clients on talent attraction and acquisition Strategies, I am often asked by friends and family for help when they are in a job Search. I start by talking to them about what they want in a role, company, and Career. Often, I am able to provide some useful feedback on resumes […]
May 11, 2016

How to Get Rid of Your Old Computer

By: Albin Mathew      It’s a Dell! Or a Lenovo, Mac, HP or any number of other brands. You have just welcomed a brand new, full-functioned, high-tech computer into your home. Now, what do you do with the old one? Believe it or not, this can actually be a very exciting and refreshing task because it forces you to sort out […]
May 10, 2016
lakshmi new

Quick Ways to Relieve Stress at your Desk

By : Lakshmi     Are you feeling a lot of stress at work? This might be the effect of work piling up, poor communication, procrastination, over-committing and just plain old clutter. We all are affected by stress, but we don’t always know how to relieve it. As April is stress awareness month, we wanted to provide a list of ways to […]

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